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Trusted by international partners and retailers

Baikingu enables the journey towards a digital future

From the beginning, the Baikingu team made a clear statement to build a retail management system that both small and large retailers will benefit from. The result is a cloud-based solution that meets the ever increasing demands for integration of new technology, so flexible and scalable that the retailer loves it!

Cloud Point-of-Sale Solution that tackles modern day challenges for the retailer

Retailers facing decline in in-store sales, while ecommerce continues to grow

Retailers need to bridge digital and physical shopping experiences

Baikingu combines all elements required to deliver a more unified commerce experience

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Real-time Stock Management

Easily manage and verify your current stock levels

Managing Stock has never been easier with Baikingu’s Stock Apps.
Perform Stock Counts, Adjustments, Transfers as you go.

Item Manager

Manage your products and start selling immediately

Take total control of your Items using our simple and intuitive item creation process. Create, View & Edit single items
Create custom item templates to fit your business, import multiple or bulk updates in a single operation with our fail proof importing process.

Reporting and Dashboards

See what you want, when you want from anywhere!.

With the combined elements of a Report and Dashboard, reports have never been easier to view and analyse.
With added filtering capabilities, you can customise the report to your liking. View Sales, Refunds right through to Stock levels and much more.

Orders & Suppliers

Reduce over-ordering and over-stocking of items!

Give the Supplier early visibility of your Orders, where they can confirm the exact number of items which are available for delivery.
You will know exactly what you will receive and when to expect it.

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